Here are a few of our Testimonials

  • "History: Over 5 years ago she had cancer of the lymph nodes. Thankfully she survived and is now cancer-free. Unfortunately the radiation therapy left her unable to turn her neck and in chronic upper back and neck pain. She thought she was lucky anyway and just lived with the pain. She could not turn her head to back up a car. She now has full range of motion without any pain in the neck. She states:

    “Dr. Bertrand helped me a lot and now I have my range of motion back.”"
    K.P. — Secretary
  • "History: This patient spent two years coping with the daily discomfort and pain she was feeling in her ribs due to an injury. She saw 7-10 physicians and was prescribed many medications. After a few visits this patient is now experiencing significant relief. – She states:

    “With treatment my pain has been alleviated”"
    S.P. — Musician
  • "During a recent illness this patient was suffering from severe headache, congestion and fever. While feeling so terrible she was tempted to cancel her appointment, She was so glad that she didn’t……… She states:

    “With treatment I was able shorten the duration of the illness significantly and lessen the severity of my symptoms.”"
    -S.P. – Musician
  • "History: Involvement in a vehicle accident caused much pain and discomfort for this patient. Headaches, neck pain and low back pain became unbearable. She states:

    “Even showering was painful”"
    C.G., — Nursing Student
  • "“Day to day activities are easier due to the decrease in pain and headaches”"
    C.G., Nursing Student
  • "History: She came to the clinic because a difficult pregnancy brought on severe back pain for this mother and student. She also experienced chronic chest pain after a thyroid gland biopsy several months before the visit. Within a few visits her chest pain was gone. She states:

    “I am less grumpy and worried because of relief of chest pain .The pain caused anxiety and He (Dr. Bertrand does a remarkable job of relieving the pain.""
    J.G., — Student
  • "“Dr. Bertrand has made me completely confident in his abilities to address any pain in the body.”"
    J.G., Student
  • "This patient came into the office to treat knee pain that kept her from running, which she enjoys. Other symptoms that she was experiencing pointed to food allergies. Dr. Bertrand was able to confirm several food allergies with basic testing. She states:

    “He (Dr. Bertrand definitely knows a lot about the body and how it works. I appreciate his approach to healing.”"
    S.D., — Dental Hygienist
  • "Prescription anti -inflammatory and pain medication were only masking the symptoms for this busy sports coach. She found there is ways to treat the cause of the pain and eliminate it.

    “Dr. Bertrand gives me hope that there is a way to manage pain, while also getting better.""
    T.N., — Coach
  • "This active athletic man was put out of commission for three months while trying to cope with low back pain that kept him from enjoying his active lifestyle. If he had only known that he could have been back up running and exercising he would have come in much sooner.

    “I feel he (Dr. Bertrand) puts a lot of care into his patients, he spends more time to find their problems”"
    B. D., — Educator
  • "This patient came in to the clinic seeking treatment for back and neck pain .Along with relief from pain she also experienced relief from asthma and allergies for the first time that she could recall. She states:

    “Ever since I can remember I suffered with chronic congestion, allergies and asthma.

    Limited mobility and low energy limited any physical activity for me. I am now in less pain, more mobile and can breathe better.”"
    R.G. — Homemaker
  • "“I have NEVER had a headache go away so fast”"
    C.W. — Secretary
  • "After suffering from neck and back pain for 5 years, this patient sought the care of several chiropractors without relief. She is no longer suffering from the pain she was experiencing and her headaches have vanished. She reports that her sleep patterns have greatly improved, as well.

    “Dr. Bertand has helped me so much. No headaches or back pain.”

    “After five long years, I am pain free”"
    V.M. — Dog Groomer

Here below is a short sample of even more Testimonials:

  • "“Dr. Bertrand has been very methodical and meticulous in the way that he has treated me and it has worked”"
  • "“After 3 years I can walk better across the room and bending down does not hurt”"
  • "At the age of 48 I walked like I was 80 years old and now I act like I am 24!"
    T.F— City Public Streets Maintenanace
  • ""Dr Bertrand made a huge difference in my flexibility and pain relief”"
    P.B. — Public School Administrator
  • "Seeking help to lose weight and manage Type II Diabetes made a difference for this patient. He was able to pass a physical for his job after just a short time. He states:

    “He guides me into better health and having more energy.”"
    K.W. — Nursing Home Administrator
  • "Constant severe head pain and pressure brought of over 10 years duration from a severe head injury brought this man into the office. He had seen 17 doctors and therapists with thousands of dollars and years of therapy. After less than 3 months of care he states:

    “My headaches are almost non-existent, my neck is not bothering me so much and my stress levels are reduced.”"
    R.L. — Farmer
  • "Eleven years of back pain, knee pain, weight issues and high blood sugar left this man totally disabled. He could not walk to the mailbox becaseu of the pain This gentleman was on the right track after just a short time, lowering his blood sugar and dropping 70 pounds he was off his diabetes medications, riding a bike all over town, and had no significant back pain. He states

    “For 11 years I dealt with back pain and knee pain along with high blood sugar levels. Treatment made a difference after one week. After four weeks, my blood sugar level dropped two points!”"
    R.E. — retired Railroader – 2/16/2011
  • "This patient experiences chronic neck pain and stiffness and occasional low back and hip pain. She likes to maintain her active lifestyle and doesn’t want to miss her next Zumba class.

    “I was living with constant stiffness and pain and Dr. Bertrand helped me a lot.”"
    M.P. _School Counselor
  • "After doctor shopping for years this patient still could not move her right arm, not even to cast her fishing pole…,which according to her, “was no fun at all”. Dr. Bertrand was able to find the cause of her pain and had her fishing again in no time. She states:

    “I no longer have the pain on my right side that I was experiencing. I have energy now and better moods.”"
  • "She listens and genuinely cares like a finely trained professional and the teamwork in the office is amazing"
  • "She listens and genuinely cares like a finely trained professional and the teamwork in the office is amazing"
  • "Dr. Hugulet is very understanding and really listens to you"
  • "She is very helpful and helps me understand everything"
  • "Approaches you on an even level. She is very informative"
  • "She is thorough with my care"


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