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How much does a Cox Technic adjustment cost?

Cox Technic is chiropractic spinal manipulation. If you have medical insurance that covers chiropractic, Cox Technic is a covered service as spinal manipulation. If you do not, talk with us.

When considering costs, one low back surgery can cost between $83 and $169 thousand. (Menke, Principles of Integrative Medicine) It is interesting to point out that lumbar fusion surgery costs increased 500%  in 11 years (1992-2003) going from $75 million to $482 million. (Weinstein, Spine 31(23)) The introduction of devices for spinal fusion in 1996 increased fusion use from 3.6% to 58% in 2001. (Jurati, Spine 31(23))

A trial of conservative, non-operative care is advised before surgery. Of typical pre-operative procedures, chiropractic manipulation only accounts for 2% of charges while injections account for 32%, diagnostic imaging 31%, out-patient visits 13%, physical therapy 11%, pre-operative studies .8%, medications .5%, and miscellaneous charges 2%. (Daffner, Spine Journal 10(6)). As a non-surgical, conservative treatment approach, Cox Technic is quite economical and less complicated.
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