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Deprived Discs? Feed, Water and Move Them Back to Health!

Deprived, you say? Yes, deprived! The spinal discs especially those undergoing degeneration are deprived of nutrients meant to keep them healthy and functioning. Paulette Hugulet, DC, LLC cares for spinal discs gently. The La Grande chiropractic treatment plan for degenerated spinal discs includes nutrition and spinal manipulation. Both will make your spinal discs feel less deprived!

Nutritionally, spinal discs are made mostly of water, up to 80% water! The discs are cartilage. They sit between the vertebral bones of the spine, allowing spinal movement. Paulette Hugulet, DC, LLC knows the health of the spine by the movement it allows. That’s the reason so many tests are performed during the spinal examination! Now, if the disc is deprived nutritionally, its cells degenerate more quickly. The water content falls and adds to the whole degenerative process. Glycosaminoglycan is a necessary component of the disc cartilage. It helps the disc cartilage absorb up to 9 times its own volume in water! Now that makes a difference when a disc is losing its water content to degeneration. La Grande chiropractic care incorporates as many positive approaches to spinal health into the treatment plan as possible.

Now, structurally, nerves grow into the discs when discs are degenerated and painful. (1) No wonder spinal discs hurt! Researchers are now considering ways to control, slow or stop this nerve growth to control, slow or stop the pain. How? With the introduction of glycosaminoglycans like chondroitin sulfate which are soluble nutrients capable of stopping such growth! (1) Further, glucosamine is published to be effective in feeding the discs, but be sure the sulfate form is taken. New research is re-documenting that glucosamine hydrochloride has no effect on pain management. (2)  Paulette Hugulet, DC, LLC is excited about these new research papers as the nutritional approach to treating discs is part of this La Grande chiropractic practice.

The goal of stopping disc degeneration and actually attempting regeneration of the degenerated spinal discs is not a new idea. Early researchers back in the 1960’s, Cole, Ghosh, Taylor, presented their work to the world. (3) It was foundational and exciting work! Today, following the protocols of the Cox Technic system of spinal pain management, Paulette Hugulet, DC, LLC incorporates chiropractic Cox Technic to move the spine and increase spinal nutrition to give our La Grande back pain and neck pain sufferers the best opportunity to control back pain and heal their discs.

So bring your deprived, painful discs to Paulette Hugulet, DC, LLC.  The La Grande treatment plan aims to feed, water and move the discs back to health! This combined nutritional and chiropractic treatment approach may be just the La Grande pain relief plan for you! Contact Paulette Hugulet, DC, LLC today.

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